{not so} Wordless Wednesday: Pigtails and cuddles.


These pics were taken on a whim this last weekend. We've been soaking up all the E time we can handle.  We're sure gonna miss this guy, but we're hoping that bigger and better things are in our future. Prayers for safe travels are very much appreciated!

With more time on my hands at night, I'm hoping to get back to more blogging. I have a bunch of emails to answer and some facebook messages to return...no worries, I haven't forgotten about you!  Give me a couple of days to get back to single-married mom mentality (and enjoy my snow day today).  Ooooh, and stay tuned, I've got some awesome reviews and giveaways coming up!  Oils, Disney, Purex, jewelry, and more!

Happy Wednesday all!


  1. Those pigtails make my heart melt!!
    I hope everything goes smooth with your family while you get used to everything. And I hope your husband stays safe!

  2. such cute pictures, glad you were able to enjoy some family time!

  3. I love the photos. My daughter has less and thin hair when she was younger, I remember that when hair grows even a little I would always do pigtails on her even I could gather very small pieces. I'm excited to use all her clippies.

  4. Those pigtails are too cute.

  5. Beautiful family. We should probably get the kiddos together for a play date soon-ish?


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