24 Week Bumpdate (+ PINKBLUSH Maternity Review & Giveaway!)


How far along? 24 Weeks (viability baby!)

How big is baby? According to thebump.com -- about the size of a cantelope! (All of sudden that seems huge...then again, I feel like the bellah seems huge these days.) 10.5-11.8 inches and 12.7-20.8 ounces.  AND yes...I feel HUGE this week...pretty sure she grew! Side note: visited the doctor today for 24 week check up...according to the uterus measurements I'm measuring 23 weeks...makes me a little worried, but I'm guessing this little miss is just going to be smaller than her big brother was. ;)

Weight gain? 168.8 -- up 17.4 lbs. total.  OY.  I feel huge already.

Maternity clothes?  Still a mix, but definitely running out of tops.  AND?  I ordered some stuff a week or so ago online and loved it ALL when it arrived (does that ever happen when you shop online?!?).  Leggings?  Pumped that I finally have some for winter...now I just need some brown boots and maybe a white/ivory pair of leggings as well. 

Stretchmarks? Nothing new....so far.

Sleep? I suck at going to bed....so mornings?  Yeah, they blow.  I'm am needing to impose a very strict bedtime very soon.  Seriously.  Oh and late afternoons?  Dead.  Exhausted.  

Best moment this week? Getting TWO calls about interviews in TEXAS!!!!! I am so excited about this you don't even understand.  

Movement? Whoa baby...yes.  She's starting to make her presence very known...and she's has a pretty good little routine down.  I wonder if it'll change?

Food cravings? Chocolate still...orange juice...and McDonald's fruit and yogurt parfait. (Ever had this? YUM.) Aversions...meat...in general.  Not good...dinner has been pretty lame around these parts.  I need to make some casseroles again, it's about the only "real" food I can stomach.

Water intake? Oy, not a good week.  My water bottles were dirty until Thursday.  Monday I ended up with a Diet Pepsi during the day, Tuesday I did get a 32 oz. bottle at the store, Wednesday I had some Gatorade...all with some water intake at night.  Thursday I was finally back on track...well, at least with 32.  Next week's goal: DRINK MORE WATER!

Gender? Little miss. p.s I think we've decided on a name!  We've had the first name for awhile, but we argued about her middle name.  (And yes, this is a post in and of itself.) ;)

Labor signs?  I'm not sure.  I never had any Braxton Hicks with Thaddeus...well not until almost 37 weeks (maybe 36 at the earliest), but every now and then I *almost* feel like that weird cramping/contraction feeling has come over my belly, but it's not overly hard when I touch it.  Who knows?  Maybe it's just growing/stretching.

Belly button in or out? Creepier and closer to flat...especially late at night.  

What I miss? Family...can't wait to have hubs "home" over Thanksgiving (and I'm hoping maybe we'll be moving soon so it'll be a GREAT visit)!  

What I am looking forward to?  Selling the house (scheduled to close Nov. 16!) and these interviews!

Weekly Wisdom? If you're married and a believer, read this book.  Seriously.  

Milestones? Viability! (Although, she can stay put for awhile...hear that little missy?)

Wanna see my belly at 24 weeks last time?  Click here.


23 Weeks 1 Day - top courtesy of PinkBlush
Cute top, huh?

Yeah, I thought so too.

And the best part?  It won't cost you an arm and a leg.  We all know about those regular maternity stores, often overpriced (and a bit overbearing when you go in them...well, at least the associates in my local one are).  PinkBlush?  Online baby.  Shop from the comfort of your couch (and your pjs).  Love...

Here's a little more about PinkBlush:
PinkBlush Maternity is dedicated to bringing our customers today's cute and trendy maternity clothes at low, low prices. While most maternity clothes out in the market are boxy, boring and expensive, we pride ourselves on having a wide selection of unique maternity styles at great prices.
By selling exclusively on the Internet, PinkBlush Maternity is able to maintain very low operating costs and we pass those savings on to our customers by offering prices 15%- 30% off many of our competitors. We also change our inventory often, so our customers always have access to today's hottest fashions and trends. 
When I first started talking with the members of PinkBlush, I was very pleasantly surprised. Rachel was so kind, helpful, and easy to work with.  Once I'd chosen my item, it was shipped and arrived very quickly (so quickly that I didn't even have a bump yet!).  Now that I've filled out a bit, this top has been great.  I've actually worn it from about 14 weeks on.  I love that I can dress it up with slacks for work or down with jeans on the weekends.  The print is great and the fit is great...this one will definitely grow with the belly!  It's easy to wash and easy to wear, perfect for a working mama.

Plus?  They have a great selection of long sleeved tops for winter, cozy bottoms, and an ever changing list of new arrivals.

Are you an expecting mom?  Know someone who is?  Well, here's your opportunity to give Pink Blush a try!

ONE lucky reader will win a $25 Gift Certificate to PinkBlush!

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  1. Hey, I followed your link from our February Moms FB group :) That top is adorable-and so is your perfect bump! Pregnancy suits you!
    I love Pink Blush!

  2. Adorable bump! I had never heard of Pink Blush before, but will have to keep them in mind when looking for some holiday attire next month.

  3. You look great!! I wish I was still pregnant so I could enter!! ;)

  4. I love the ivory flowy maternity top!!

  5. Those yoga pants and skinny jeans look so comfy! I find I always run into someone wearing the same Motherhood clothes as me. Maybe this would make me more unique? Haha!

  6. I'd pick the Olive Knit Maternity Sweater and it's for me! I'd never heard of them today and now I'm totally hooked. They have such cute stuff!

  7. I like the teal flowy maternity top: http://www.pinkblushmaternity.com/p-4392-teal-flowy-maternity-top.aspx and it would be for our daughter.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. I really love the pink lace 3/4 sleeve maternity top. Thanks for hosting!

  9. My sister is pregnant and would look gorgeous in the olive green striped top

  10. black shimmer belted maternity dress

  11. Magenta Gold Trim Maternity Maxi Dress.. love it!!

  12. i love the beige floral print shirt!

  13. I would love to get this top--http://www.pinkblushmaternity.com/p-4389-black-flowy-maternity-top.aspx

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as "Wild Orchid"

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  14. I really like the Pink Lace 3/4 sleeve top, very pretty!

  15. I would give this to my sister she is also 24 weeks along!

  16. I would get the black maternity yoga pants for myself.

  17. I would get a cardigan or gift something to some pregnant person! ;) They should do nursing clothing too!

  18. I'd probably choose the black maternity yoga pants because let's face it, I love to be cosy ;)

  19. I like the black and purple teal short sleeve top - super cute stripes!

  20. Beige Gold Sparkle Knit Maternity Tunic Top for my sister!

  21. I like the Burgundy Chain Belt Maternity Top! Thanks for the chance :)

  22. My cart is loaded with some items right now - I love the polka dotted babydoll chiffon tops. At only 11 weeks along, I'm considering this my new favorite site :)

  23. Red Sequin Neckline Maternity Top. I would use it for me, I'm 24 weeks pregnant with our first child.

  24. I would get the Black Floral Waistband Yoga Pants and hopefully it will be for me in the spring!

  25. oh my gosh, their stuff is so cute
    i would get the Brown Multi Color Maternity Belted Top for a friend who is pregnant. i wish i had known about them when i was pregnant with my son!


  26. I would have to go with the maternity skinny jeans, but I would give this GC to a friend for Christmas!

  27. id love the Brown Shimmer Maternity Knit Top for a friend

  28. I love the Black Knit Sash Maternity Sweater

    It would be for a friend

    email/ daveshir2005@yahoo.com
    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

  29. i would pick out a few sweaters for my sister for xmas

  30. Brown Maternity Cardigan for me, thanks!

  31. Blue Striped Chain Belted Maternity Maxi Dress, thanks!


  32. Blue White Print 3/4 Maternity Dress/Tunic

    -Samantha Meyer


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