Paying a Student for Good Grades???


Last night I logged into Facebook to see the following question...

(Enter soapbox.)

I do not condone students getting paid for good grades.
(And I guess I'm the least on this fb post.)

As a teacher, I see this a lot more than I'd like.  I lovingly call my freshmen this year, the "time-out generation" -- many, if not all, of my kids were raised when "time-out" became a BIG thing (or so I believe...), but many of their parents didn't use it correctly (the spanking/time-out debate is for another day).  Often they were put in "time-out" with little to no follow through/follow up and now we're left with a generation of students that have absolutely no regard for consequences, self-ownership, or responsibility. (And please remember the demographic I work with before you get all hair up your ass, please & thanks.)

I have students who do the following:

Walk out of class without a pass after I tell them "no."

Refuse to work and tell me "I don't want to." and think it's acceptable.

Believe that any/all missing work they turn it needs to be graded on the spot & entered into the gradebook (when they couldn't be bothered to do it when it was assigned).  

Etc., etc., etc.

*And this truly has little to do with classroom management and/or my relationship with these students.  We get along fact, I often can't get them out of my  They just truly don't believe they have to do anything unless they want to.  WEIRD.

I could go on and on, but I won't -- you get the general idea.  So the thought of paying (which to me is bribing) kids to do well in school is appalling.  I believe that doing well in school is an expectation and along with many other expectations in life, you shouldn't be paid for them.

Then again, if you want to pay your child for saying "please" and "thank you" and sharing their toys -- go right ahead.  I won't stop you, but I won't coddle your child when they get to high school either.

::steps off soapbox::


  1. yeah...whatever happened to 'do your work well because you are suppose to.' That's the way it is in my house...and that ain't changing :)

  2. Being a teacher I see some of these same thing-kids that dont want to work. Ive honestly never thought about it but so true about paying your kids for grades.


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