How I Rock My Marriage: Melissa V.


Hi ELF readers! I'm Melissa & below is is my husband Clay. :) We have 3 crazy kiddos, 1 Beagle, & 1 bird .  We have a busy life with 3 small ones, but we always manage to find the fun in all of it.
Two Peas in a Pod
In order for you to get a true feel for my marriage, I think you need a little background about our family dynamics & how we came to be...

All 5 of us

These are my kids - Pearson is 7, Mackenzie is 6, & Killian is soon to be 5. Clay & I have been together for 4 years and married for 2. The math doesn't add up right? Well that's because things didn't work out in my first marriage with my children's 'biological' father.  I always asked myself, "why?" This brings me to 'How I Rock my Marriage' with Clay. :) 

I have everything needed this go around -- Respect for one another, being a United front, TRUST, & most importantly - Laughter.  Those 4 things are key to making any relationship work.  Unfortunately, I did not have that the first time around.  God never wants a marriage to fail, but he always has a plan for us.  I know His plan for me was to have 3 beautiful children and move on to meet Clay.  It was a valuable life experience for that taught me what to do differently.  And when I am with Clay I know this. is. IT. for me.  I have married for all the right reasons and he is truly my best friend.  There is no one else we would rather be with in all of our spare time.    

The day Clay proposed to me in Vegas
I met Clay when Killian was 1, Mackenzie was 2, and Pearson was 3. Clay was just a super handsome fellow making his way to the top in our local Government and had no strings attached to anyone.  He had never been married and didn't have any kids.  My thoughts were, "what would he want with me? I have 3 small kids, just got through with a semi-amicable divorce, and I live in another state." You know what folks?  None of that mattered.  We became friends first & lovers second.  He loves my children as if they were his own and has never treated them any different than that. He changed all of their diapers with me (yes- all 3 of them were still in diapers), helped give Killian his bottles, read them books, and just eased right in with no problem being 'The Dad'.  They really love him :)  Aside from his great looks, suave charm, & intelligence - none of that would have mattered if he hadn't of loved my kids & them love him in return.

Other than my 4 main points that make our relationship work - here is a look into our daily life.
We have a busy schedule with the kids.  We go to Scouts on Monday, Killian's baseball practice on Tuesday, Mackenzie's cheer & Pearson's baseball practice on Thursday - and then the weekends are filled with games.  This leaves for very little time to do the date thing.  But we try to fit a date night in at least 1 time a month.  

Even though a designated date night is few and far between, we can still make fun time together.
The kids go to bed around 7:30-8 every night - so we hurry to make their lunch boxes for the next day and have the rest of the night to spend time together. Sometimes we just sit around and make each other laugh (we are really silly when it comes to impressions), watch our favorite television shows (we both will watch the show even if it's not the one we love), and sitting on our porch.  When the weather is nice outside, we like to sit on the porch at night, in our rockers with the lights off.  We just sit, talk and laugh. We sound like 2 old fogies don't we? :)  

Listen - in short of all of this - make time for each other, show each other respect, never give each other reason to doubt the trust, and always Laugh.  After all, this is the person you vowed to be with for the rest of your days.
Make it count Ladies! Just Rock it!

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