Oh, so you're the dad. You sure about that?


So, God bless my husband.  While in Texas he pointed out something I'd never noticed.

"What a big guy!  How old is he?" asks the stranger.

"Almost 20 months," says the hubs.

"Look at those hands!" Comments another.

"Look at the size of those feet!"  Add a third.

::insert questioning looks from hubs to Thad and back::

"I'm pretty sure everyone thinks he's the mailman's."

LOL!  True story.  I had never even noticed these comments or looks before our last trip to Texas, but after E pointed it out at the restaurant it was funny to see how much it happened.  After all, the hubs isn't a very big guy (I'm talking six foot and maybe 150+ soaking wet - poor skinny fellow), but Thad?  Thad's a pretty big guy.  (Roughly 32 lbs. about 34(ish) inches tall.)

It's a bit of an odd sight I guess.


I slept with my 60 year old mailman.


  1. LOL! Wow, Thad is 32lbs? I love chunky babies, gimme those rolls lol.

  2. haha that is hilarious! I see from your header that you cloth diaper.. I'm going to with this next baby, do you have any tips?


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