Mother of the year award goes to...



So, I have been telling myself since oh, um, December that I need to get Thad some new shoes.  In the last month or so I noticed that his other shoes didn't really fit.  Then, he started to say, "owie." whenever I'd put his shoes on (now to my defense, he says "owie" to everything - especially when he doesn't want to do something).  I started looking for new shoes.  They either didn't have his size or they were ugly (I'm not into cartoon shoes...sorry, not my style).

We got to Texas and hubs was all "He's still wearing the same shoes?" &  "We're getting him shoes today."

Um, ok.  I think they're just a little snug, but I've been trying to find some - so, ok...let's go shopping.

Yeah.  We went to a real shoe store, had his "little" feet measured and found out that he'd been wearing shoes THREE SIZES TOO SMALL.

Mother of the year award right here.



  1. eh, it's the thought that counts right? at least you were putting shoes on the little guy.

  2. Haha! Aw, I feel you. We got all three kids' feet measured at Stride Rite last weekend (which I'd been meaning to do for ages) and both boys were wearing a size too small. I'd just ordered my 18 month old son a pair of shoes online and it turns out they're a half size too small. Urgh. I don't get my 3 year old though- he actually had a pair of size 9 shoes that I thought would fit him next fall (or, y'know, NOW, because obviously I have no idea what size my kids' feet are) sitting by the front door, but he always wanted to wear his old sneakers instead. I'd thought he'd mention it if they were feeling snug. Guess not!


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