A little bit of random...all the way from Texas!


So, since hubs had to go back to work tonight, I've got a few hours to catch up on blogging.  And while I'm not promising I'll be back on all week, I'm going to take tonight to get some posts scheduled and some things lined up so ya'll (hehe...I'm in Texas..get it?) don't get bored and feel left out.

And now on to the randomness in my head...

1. I've got reviews up the wazoo lined up for when I return.  I'm really hoping to get one scheduled to go live this week (it's a giveaway...be ready...and it's for everyone, not just cloth diaper fans!) - so in the next couple months, be prepared to win some goodies - from tshirts to giftcards to cloth diapers - sweet!

2. I sold my first item! Booyah! How awesome is that? I'm not working on order right now since I'm in Texas, but I have plans to expand the shop.  If you have something in mind, but don't see it - let me know.  I'd love to help you out!  Can be jute related, painting related, etc. I'm woman of many trades. ;)

3.  Hubs and I watched Friends with Benefits last night. Hil-freakin-larious.  If you have not watched it and don't mind some up front sexuality, watch it.  I laughed more at that movie than I have in months watching anything else.  Pretty much rocked.
4.  We hit the Fort Worth Zoo yesterday.  We only lasted two hours (damn naptime...lol), but it was a lot of fun.  We did make it through the whole complex and Thad had a blast walking around (in and out the stroller walking around).  I'll say, I really liked how up close we could get to the elephants and giraffes, but other than that, I was kind of disappointed.  Maybe we're spoiled (or I'm biased), but I really think our zoo (Henry Doorly) blows it out of the water. 

5. Tried another Mexican restaurant last night.  (We tried Salsa Fuego last time and really liked it.)  Anyone every eaten at El Fenix?  Maybe I'm being judgemental, but any Mexican restaurant that serves "queso" from a can (you know, the yellow cheese sauce stuff) doesn't really count as a winner in my book, but then again, I'm am a queso blanco whore.  Eh, whatever...had a good marguarita though. (Any other Mexican restauarants in Fort Worth we should try?)

6.  I really love my husband, but the sexual anticipation is cracking me up.  He's like a school boy just waiting to get laid for the first time...lol.  Wow.  He's so nice about it, almost dancing around the issue, but you can tell he'd rather just rip off my clothes and go at it.  (Oh and no worries, he's having his fun, but I'm telling you, before every sexcapade the anticipation builds all over again...lol...cracks me up.)

7.  Oh and Texas at the end of March/early April is a hell of a lot wamer than I thought it was going to be.  I'm talking high 80s daily.  This is something doesn't really happen in Iowa...in April.  So much for those three pairs of jeans taking up room in my suitcase (and hello random shopping trip to Target for tank tops...lol, oops).  I'm loving it though.

8.  Speaking of loving Texas.  I want to quit my job....like now.  So, anyone know of any places that are hiring?  (Bachelors and Master's Degrees here.)  Hubs' apartment lease is up in July.  I'd like to be moved out of house (with it sold, thanks) and have my ass down here by then.  Sooner?  Even better.  I just need a job.  (Andbutalso, best areas to work/live in Fort Worth?)

9.  Oh and Thad's new thing?  "Ahhhchooo!"  Although it sounds more like "Ahhhdooo!"  See for yourself....I love it. *p.s Ignore E's random profanity at the car who honks at us towards the end...lol. That's what I get for recording at a stop light when he's driving.*


  1. Arlington and North Richland Hills are both nice places (or at least they were when I lived there).

    Can't help you on the Mexican food, but I do agree that canned cheese is gross.

  2. Joe T Garcias in FT Worh!! It's famous famous and oh so yummy!

  3. that video made me smile. glad you are enjoying texas!!!!!!


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