Toddler vs. Dinner: HELP!


Don't let his handsome looks deceive you.  He's a dinner monster.

Dinner starts out well almost every night.  
He's excited, grabs his milk, and meets me at the table to wait to be seated.  

Then the fun begins.

On good nights, he likes what's for dinner.  
This means he'll eat 5+ bites of food (and even multiple items).

On bad nights, he'll take one bite and throw the next one on the floor.
Then the next....and the next.  
Then the fork.
Then the sippy.

I usually pick up the fork/sippy once.  After that, if he throws it again I tell him the next time he throws something, he's done with dinner (right, and insert the eye roll here at my attempt to reason with a toddler).  

One more throw and he's done.  Out-of-the-chair-done.  

Then the dog starts sniffing around the table.  
I yell at the dog, the dog runs out, I sit down, and BAM!  
There goes another bite of food.
Dinner's over.

And 99/100 dinners, he's fine with that.  
But that 1 time he's not, I feel like the worst mom ever
 when he comes back and wants some of my food.  

So what do I do? 

I try it again.

And once again, the food goes flying.


::and repeat::

So tell me - what's the secret to getting a toddler to eat?


  1. When one of your readers has the answer, let me know. We're dying over here.

  2. There is no're not alone! We struggle with this every.single.night. Loves his breakfast, snacks all day...has a drying wish to never eat supper again as far as I'm concerned! He has good days and bad. It's one of two things they can control - eating and pooping! Ha!

  3. My son does the same thing but not often. Though I noticed it looks like it's because he wants more attention now that his baby sister is taking most of it up. So I comply and hold him and spoon feed him. Also he just wants to sit in an adult chair because he wants to act like mommy/daddy. He tends to want what I'm having even when he has the same thing. So I just get some food and start eating it and then he wants it so I give it to him and he eats it. I do this on purpose though. This works well for us and no cleaning up messes all the time. Now if we could just get him to be a bit cleaner with spaghetti. Lol


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