Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh boy, things are about to get nutty around here.

So, pressure is on.  In less than one week, I'll be flying out to Texas for 10 days!!! Awesome. I am so excited, but before I get too caught up in being gone, I need to get some stuff done here.

And that list includes...

  • finishing all laundry
  • finding someone (probably E's dad) to check on the house, grab the mail, and mow while we're gone
  • schedule bills to be paid (over 75% of our bills are due the first week of the month since I only get paid 1x/month - thankfully hubs gets paid 1x/week now. AMEN.)
  • make packing list
  • finish lesson plans for this week
  • update grades
  • finish the 6 IEPs I have pending
  • meet my parents half way & drop off the dog (and by meet, I mean drive three hours round trip)
  • get a blog review/giveaway live (check back early this week!)
  • write and schedule all blog posts for the time I'll be gone (email me if you'd like to guest post, spots are still available -
  • and pack - everything.
  • Oh and throw in the 47.3 things I forgot to list here. ;)
Can I cry now?  

Not really, but wow, I feel like I have a million more things to do before I leave.  

It's list time. 

Time for lots of lists.  

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  1. Thanks a lot, Libby. Your list gave me a headache! ;) Good luck!


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