The New French Braid


Ok, so sorry I'm all about hair lately, but this girl loves long hair and is super lazy lately - and rocking the pony everyday?  Yeah, can't justify that one...yet (not til summer anyway...then it's a cap and tail daily), anywho...I've been experimenting with some new "easy" styles to try to cut time in the morning (and keep me from frying my hair to death with my straightener).

This last week's attempt: the new french braid (aka the lazy way to make your french braid modern).

1. Braid your hair back in a regular french braid.
2. When you get to the nape of your neck, wrap a ponytail holder around it and secure into a ponytail.
3. Use a second ponytail holder to create the "knot" or "nest" as I often loving refer the mess.

I promise I'll update with step by step pictures (or a video tutorial), I just took these quick after work last week.

Specific questions?  Let me know.

Oh and I'll try to get a remote for my camera or figure out how to use the time so you don't keep getting random cell phone/hand mirror shots.

Any other quick, easy hair ideas?


  1. I like that!! I wish I knew how to french braid.

  2. Very cute! Wonder if I'll have the patience to keep growing my hair??

  3. LOVE this. I wish my butterfingers knew how to french braid :/ Get that vlog tutorial up, Momma :)


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