It'd sure be easier to pack if I didn't feel like a lard ass.


Sure, it's easy to pack for a vacation...when you don't feel like a FAT ass!  Seriously people - life would be so much better for me if I didn't have to worry about my frickin' bloated ass mama pooch of a belly and the holy moly rolly muffin top that goes along with it.

After Thad was born, I lost 77 lbs (hell to the yeah), BUT in the last month(ish) I've gained 4-5 of it back.  And while 4-5 lbs. doesn't sound like a lot - it is for me.  It goes straight to my belly, love handles, and arms.  It's gross.  (Ok, maybe not to everyone else, but to me it's disgusting.)

Packing for an environment that will need to involve the showing of skin that is usually still under wraps for another two months was just a little much for my head to wrap around (and my mouth to stop opening for) - so here we sit.  Just about midnight and I have no freakin' clue what I'm wearing on the plane tomorrow.

It's a jeans day at work (because yes, I still have to go to work for about an hour - thankfully I got the rest of my classes covered) so I could rock jeans and a school tee, but since I'm flying and about to see my husband for the first time in almost two months I kind of wanted to look cute.  Key word - wanted.  After trying on literally 15(ish) different outfits, um, yeah.  My fat ass will probably just rock jeans and t-shirts because this pudger butt isn't look very svelte these days.

And I know.  I should embrace my body and all that other power-to-the-woman bullshit, but honestly.  When I feel like I'm 3 months pregnant (when I am so very not) - I'm not about to embrace anything.  Especially something that is about to cling to my fake preggo belly.

So wish me luck.  I gave up pop for Lent, haven't drank any sweet tea in a week (and that sucks), and I'm about to give up my very beloved candy.

I need to lose these 5 lbs.  Like yesterday.

And p.s. maybe when I get brave someday (and reveal my full confession for the deep seated to desire to have a mommy makeover someday) I'll bare this belly (and I'm talking letting it HANG the eff out - you know what I'm talking about - anyone else understand the blower dryer belly that you immediately hide if someone walks in while you're bent over?)...yeah...that belly.

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  1. Lol oh you remember my fat ass post a few months ago? Just get pregnant this weekend, then you won't have to worry about it anymore ;) sealyham have fun? Stay safe, uhh good luck with Thad in a plane!. And have lots of steamy sex this weekend!!


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