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The wonderfully awesome (shamzing word creator) Ashley from The Stauffer Shenanigan's tagged me to tell you all 11 things about me, answer 11 questions, and then ask 11 questions myself for other bloggers. (And in high school, I was kind of a survey whore - you remember those forwards?  Yep, loved them.... especially if I could send it on to a cute guy..lol, true story.)

there are 5 rules:
1. post these rules.

2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.

3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.

4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

5. go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you've tagged them.

 these are my 11 random facts:

1. I don't have favorites.  Not a favorite color, movie, song...nothing.  Why?  Because I hate choosing only one!  Drives me batty.  I love lots of things dammit!

2. I have a thing for men and their chests -- their bare, tanned, muscly, sexy chests.  Too bad my husband can't gain weight for the life of him. :P

3. I'm a commercial snob. I will purposely watch a show late (or wait a day even) so I can FF through them.  And to top it off, sometimes I'll wait three weeks just so I can watch three episodes in a row.  =)

4. I blare my radio after I drop Thad off in the morning and jam the whole way to school (which is my work).  And yes, I get looks when I pull in.

5. I have a thing for cheesy theme songs - Gilligan's Island, The Patty Duke Show, Mr. Ed, Cheers, Friends....and the list goes.  One of my favorite (notice I didn't say "my favorite"...lol) theme songs from my childhood would be the Gummy's Bear theme song?  What? You don't know it?  Allow me to edumacate you. ;)

6. I sometimes eat candy for breakfast. Don't judge.

7. You remember that scene from Something About Mary?  You know the one.  Yep, that happened to me once.  However, it didn't get my hair...it.got.my.eye.
(And yes, I just admitted that on the world wide frickin' web.)

8. I think I will perpetually be a teenager at heart...and so does my skin.  I LOVE teaching high schoolers...so naughty they are - we get along great!

9. Speaking of ADHD (I mean high schoolers), if I ever have to sit through a meeting with you, just know I'll be staring at your shoes ... and everyone else's.  I once found a co-worker with two different shoes on thanks to this sidetracked habit of mine.  Poor guy had gotten dressed in the dark (becuase, yes, I did ask him).

10. I'm the person that will pick the food out of your teeth if you ask me "Do I have anything in my teeth?"  Why yes, yes you do.  Let's skip the "up" "no, down" "to the left" game. ::insert my hand:: There, got it!

11. I was in an abusive relationship in high school.  It changed the way I think about relationships and the way I teach/relate to my students.   While it was long, tough, and exhausting - I wouldn't change a thing.

questions from ash:
1. Salty or sweet, which is your snack vice?
Oooh, I'm a sweets girl.  I love me some sweets...candy, cakes of any kind, ice cream, etc. = love.

2. Why did you start blogging?
Honestly? I was hanging around on thebump before I got pregnant and after we got KU only to discover some of the ladies had these things called blogs.  And who did I stalk?  Kristin - our due dates were super.close and I loved seeing her progression.  I figured, what the hell? and started blogging about my pregnancy.

3. Who's on your laminated card?
Oh boy oh boy, my list...I think it grows and changes every few months...Paul Walker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, Taylor Lautner, and Zac Efron (I told you I had a thing for chests).  Oh and if you don't know why I'm put Efron on there, go watch the preview for The Lucky One - comes out in April.  YUM.

4. What's your favorite piece of jewlery?
I love my wedding ring, E picked it out just a week or so after we met and proposed a month later. (And yes, we're that nuts.)  

5. What movie can you recite all the lines of?
Um, probably A Christmas Story and The Sandlot.

6. Favorite childhood memory?
Um, our vacations to Omaha as kids with my parents and spending my summer's living at the pool when I was in junior high.

7. Where did you last vacation at?
Orlando - by myself during a conference trip.  Drinks, sun, and the spa.  It was awesome.

8. What blog makes you smile when you read it?
Ashley & Kristin make me smile and/or 
laugh (out loud) just about every time.

9. Last concert you went to?
Oh shit, I don't even know this one.  Um, I think it was some crazy mixed-up stoner concert that my husband's buddies got tickets to so we joined last minute....like 2+ years ago.  I even saw Snoop Dog that day.  (Oh the things we do for love.)  
I need to get out more.

10. Favorite comfort meal?
Mashed potatoes, corn, and some type of meat. Oh and don't forget the gravy!

11. What word/phrase annoys the bejesus out of you?
When people say "God!" or "Jesus!" I don't like it, can't stand it, not my thing.  My kids aren't even allowed to use it in my classroom (and yes, I teach at a public school - get over it).

my questions for those i'm tagging:
1. What's the strangest thing you've ever eat for breakfast?
2. What was the first blog you ever followed?
3. Who's on your laminated card? 
(Because this was an awesome question.)
4. Describe your most embarrassing moment.
5. What song do you just have to stop and jam out to when it comes on?
6. First name of your first crush AND have you facebook stalked him?
7. If you could vacation anywhere, no expense spared, where would it be?
8. What is your favorite quote?
9. What do you order when you order a pizza?
10.  How old were you when you had your first "real" boyfriend?
11. What piece of advice would you give your son/daughter if you could only tell them one thing?

i tag:
Kristin, Shannon, Ashley, Kami, & Shaun ( My newest sponsor!)..GO!


  1. have i told you recently how much i freakin' love you? lol cause after reading this, i do like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much more.

  2. woohoo!!! I need to get on this!!

  3. I love your #3. I do the same thing with tv episodes. lol


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