Bedtime can kiss my ass.


I want to cry.

Thad is upstairs.


Before this random bout of illness, Thad was at going to bed.  We'd get home from work and daycare, eat dinner, play, take a bath, brush his teeth, read, cuddle/rock, and down he went.  He even said, "nigh, nigh" every night.  Best I tell ya.  I LOVED this time of day.

And then shit hit the fan.

I pretty sure I dug myself the hole.  Saturday and Sunday morning I let him lay in bed with me after he woke up for the day.  He was still tired and didn't look all that awake - sure enough, he fell back asleep in my bed for a few hours.  Score!

Or so I thought.

Sunday brought the fever and an ER visit.

Sunday night was eh, so-so.  He was still running a fever so he was given lots and lots of cuddles.

Monday night was HELL.  At 1:30 AM (and after fighting off and on for a few hours) I gave up.  Into my bed he went.

The tv was on (Food Network - because you know I need that late at  We watched TV for a bit, but when he sat up I turned it off.  "tv? tv?" Um, no.  Bedtime.

3:30 AM - he was asleep.  I couldn't sleep thinking I was going to roll on him or he was going to roll off the bed.  I picked up ever so gently and put him back in bed.


WAHHHHHH! 10 minutes later he was awake and pissed as ever.

I gave up (again) and let him in bed with me for the night.

He slept five hours. (aka Mama slept five hours.)

Tuesday night.  Oh boy, we fought off and on for about 45 minutes, but he did pass out by 7 something.

AND then woke up at 10:15.  We fought from 10:15 - 12:45.  It sucked.  I waited the 10-15 minutes, went back in, picked up blankets and burp cloths and Scout, left.  Vicious cycle.  Then at about midnight, we rocked.  For 30 minutes.  He was pretty much asleep, even had that super relaxed limp limbs thing going on.  Put him back in bed AND WAHHHHHHH! Immediately he starts screaming.

I was pissed, crying, at my wits end.

I sat in my room and just yelled, "Thaddeus! No. It's time to go night, night.  No!  Night, night."  Apparently, I must have had that "don't mess with mama tone" because 6 or so minutes later he was finally asleep.

And tonight.  Tonight I'm ready to bawl.

We're going on an hour right now of just throwing a tantrum.  He was in the best mood, even walked up the stairs by himself, let me give him his meds, brush his teeth, etc.  The moment I laid him down - WAHHHHH!

I don't know what to do.  Please.  Someone help me!


  1. I wish I could give you a real hug!!! Not too long until you get some help from hubby! Can you go sit outside for some fresh air for 5 minutes? Moscato? Anything to take your mind off it?? Sorry, Libby! :(

  2. I know it may be against your rules but I think the only thing that could help soothe him in this situation is co-sleeping. I know it would still take away from your comfort but it seems like he needs to be near you while sick. I'm not a super attachment breastfeed till they're 6 kind of mom but he seems to be the age where co-sleeping is pretty safe and it couldn't hurt your comfort level more than it already is. He should be able to sleep on his own again when he feels better.

  3. I know I am late on this, but take five minutes for yourself and start over. I know he is sick sick but I would say stick to your guns. Maybe compromise and tell him you'll stay with him until he falls asleep? Or would he sleep in a pnp in your room. When does your hubby come home? You need a break momma!

  4. I don't have too much advice, except to say that this is probably just a phase brought on by him not feeling good. I think I jinxed myself last week because I wrote a post about Carter finally sleeping through the night. Last night he was up at 12:30am, 3am and 5am. We haven't had a night like that in months. Anyways, we did co-sleep with Carter for his first 10 months so we don't mind having him in our bed if that's what gets us all a little shut eye. Last night it seemed to do the trick. Maybe you just have to give in a little while he's sick. Sounds like he's had a rough week and might just need some extra cuddles.

  5. Oh mama... Sending you a hug!!! These moments are sooo hard!! <3 Sounds like our babies are similar: Smart and Stubborn... We have resorted to sleep training with our baby, after teething/travel/sickness, because co-sleeping doesn't work for us. (we've tried!) If you'd like the full version of what we do (and what works for us!), I would be so happy to email it or message it to you, but here is the short version: Every response you give to Thaddeus reinforces whatever behavior he's engaging in. Each response teaches him what the expectation is. :) So what do you want to teach him? Praying for you. Please let me know if you'd like the long version!!!

  6. When I read this, I wanted to crawl through the computer and hug you! I JUST wrote a post somewhat similar to this one on our nap time struggles. (Naptime is my worst time). We had been making great progress, then she got a bad cold, then a tooth, then strep throat and an ear infection with a 103.8 fever for most of a week. My child never gets sick, so this was so hard on both of us!

    I wish I had advice for you, or helpful hints or something. We cosleep part of the night out of sheer laziness on my part. I really have these struggles with her, but during the day instead of at night. I wish you the best!

    If you want to read our sleep struggles, you can read it here: Just know you are not alone! And good luck! I hope it gets better soon!!/summers1405/status/185455762418569216

    1. Oops, wrong link....

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