2 Chix Review & Discount Code


Thaddeus recently had the opportunity to review a 2 Chix Toddler Tee and let me tell you, if I could wear this shirt, I would.  It's made of 100% cotton is so insanely soft it's unreal.  The color is vibrant and the saying is too cute. ("Chicks love me.")

2 Chix was started by a couple of lovely ladies that were set up as friends by their (then) respective boyfriends (after all, their boyfriends were cousins) and not long after became long time friends.  With weddings in the works, they began creating wedding materials better than any they found on the market.  During this time frame, many of their friends became pregnant and so did the realization that there was very little cute maternity wear out there.  They switched gears and began designing witty, cute, and comfortable maternity clothing.  Thus, 2 Chix, was born. 

2 Chix has an adorabe and witty line of maternity wear, daddy wear, and toddler/kid wear.  

does this baby make my butt look big? tee - NEW

he shoots, he scores. - DADDY tee (LARGE)

With a wry sense of humor and super comfy materials, 2 Chix will be on my materity list the next time around (especially if their maternity tees are as soft as Thad's!).  You too can enjoy some 2 Chix clothing for a discounted price!

Enter ELF20 to enjoy 20% off now through March 31st!

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  1. lol Those are great!! The dad-wear pic you posted is hilariously dirty!


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