Wish me luck!


For tomorrow morning, I'm off to Texas...on a plane...with an 18-month old.  By myself.


Ok, that's better.

I'm almost done packing, the dog will picked up tomorrow, hub's dad is taking us to the airport, and I'm trying not to forget 173289240598234 things along the way.

I did get some great advice from Sarah and Melissa about flying with a kiddo...so that helps.  Oh that and I called the airline just to double check everything - yes, I am that person.

So tonight, I'm going to soak in the tub while I compile my last minute list of "things to do/pack/prep" - and read a book I can't get out of my head.

Oh and the next time I post, I'll be live from TEXAS!!!


  1. Welcome to TX! And you'll be fine on the plane. I'm not particularly fond of flying, but did fly with my oldest when she was 15 months. Just the two of us. I stressed for a week and then she just slept the entire flight. We have since flown by ourselves several times including when I was pregnant with my 2nd with no issues. Several books and DVD player work great.

  2. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you, and I hope you get a nice sleepy baby for the plane.

  3. Good luck, chickie! I'm thinking of you! Honestly, the worst part is the line-ups waiting to board! Hopefully it will be a breeze. Prepare for the worst - hope for the best!

  4. You will do great! Lincoln LOVES to fly!!! We countdown and when we take off I say "blastoff" and he cheers!!


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