Can the kid catch a break?


First, let me apologize for being MIA. Second, allow me to explain.

In the last three weeks, Thad has come down with croup, crazy high fevers from his 15 month shots, and now and awesome frickin' round of norovirus.  It all started Thursday and Saturday was the peak of sickness, including 17 runny, slimy, stinky, burn inducing diarrhea diapers...and no, I'm not kidding.  The poor kid has shit so much that his butt and inner thighs (because let's face it, I'm using disposables right now because I would never have enough diapers to keep up with this - so they leak down his legs) are raw and red and swollen from his poop.  He finally ate better (meaning like two pieces of toast) today and drank more fluids.  (Ooooh, and pooped a lot less!) We were just lucky enough to get him to drink something yesterday or we would have been in the ER with dehydration.  

So, for the next couple days it's no wipes (just warm washcloths), lots of Lotrimin (supposed to work when diaper cream quits working), loose fitting diapers, baking soda baths, crackers, toast, and anything else he'll eat, oh and he'll wash it down with Pedialyte.

I honestly don't even know if I should sent him to daycare tomorrow.  Nothing against my husband's aunt, I just feel like he might not get the attention he would at home (which duh, we all think sometimes when we have someone else watch our kids) and I don't want his rash getting any worse.   

So, if you were me - would you stay home or would you send the little guy to daycare?

p.s. Winners will be drawn tomorrow and there will be a couple reviews posting soon, just bare with me while I get my brain functioning again after being buried in poop.


  1. Poor guy! I'm sure YH aunt is great and loves Thad very much, but if it were me I would feel better being at home with him. My mom watches our baby and if I were you I would still stay at home. Good luck! Hope he gets better soon!

  2. I'm glad he started drinking. I'd probably stay home, but that's just me. Hope he starts feeling better soon.

  3. having just dealt with a horrible virus all weekend, i would vote that you don't send him. another baby was at DDs daycare with bad diarrhea, and as a result, we were all sick all weekend, and we infected all of our friends. DH kept saying, "why would they send that baby to daycare?" if there are other babies are your aunt's place, i think you should keep thad home.
    hope he feels better!!

  4. Aww poor sweetheart- both of you! I think Thaddums def needs his mommy tmw. Hope he feels better soon.


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