My little bookworm.


Yep, that's me in all my post-pregnancy glory.  Be jealous.

From the time Thad was little (and would still take a binky), we've been reading to him - it easily became a part of our nighttime routine.  It was always dinner, bath, bottle and reading, then off to bed.  As a reading teacher, I know how important reading to kids is and how much it can influence their learning for the rest of their lives.  Do I feel pressure as a reading teacher?  Yeah, a little bit, but I'm not going to stress myself out too much over it.  I don't expect my kid to read at 18 months, because in all honesty, a kid isn't reading at that age, they're memorizing.   Anywho, off that soapbox.

I've always been a reader.  In fact, I can remember getting mad as a kid and stomping off to my room that I shared with my sister, slamming the door, and reading Go Dog Go! until I wasn't mad anymore.  Yeah, I'm a nerd like that.  Oh and to take that even further, in 2010, the kiddos at school asked me to count how many books I read that year.  I told them I'd shoot for a hundred.  Of course, working with the kids I do, they were extremely skeptical that I, or anyone, could read that amount of books in a year.  If it wasn't for pregnancy induced ADD, I'm pretty sure I would have met my goal - oh and maybe the fact that a newborn took up my free time. ;)  While I didn't meet my goal, I did make it 76.  Pretty darn proud if I do say so myself.  

Well, that love of reading has been passed onto Thad.  Lately, he'll grab a book and bring it to you. That's his way of asking you to read it to him.  He'll snuggle up on your lap and sit so still and engaged while you read all about dinosaurs, dogs, God, cars, and more.  He loves to read!  

Recently, he's begun to read to himself.  No, he's not actually reading, but he'll open the book, make sure it's the right way (you know, the words aren't upside down or something), and start going "uh..uh..uh uh uh...uh.  uh uh" as if he's reading the words.  It's too cute!  While I didn't get any video footage of it today, I did get this adorable picture.  

Do you read to your kiddos?  When did you start?  

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  1. Such a sweet post. I always encouraged my daughter to read ( she's 31 now) I read to our five grandchildren now. I started reading to my daughter when she was still in the womb. I know that may sound silly but I did it, giggle. Hugs

  2. He is adorable! We love to read to Carina. We read to her before every nap and before she goes to sleep at night.

  3. He looks so intent on the last picture! I read to James everyday. We are kind of obsessed with getting him new books :) We started the night we brought him home from the hospital and read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear."


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