I hate my left nostril.


So as I'm sitting here trying to decide if I should fold laundry (yeah, probably not gonna happen) or just play on the computer (guess which one I chose?) my left nostril has suddenly decided that it hates me.  This is me:







Seriously!?!?  Apparently standing in the misty/sprinkling rain crap for an hour this morning with the home appraisal guy kicked my allergies (or just gave me a cold) into high gear.  I was fine all day so this random stuffiness is driving me crazy.

After the old man left this morning (yeah, we butted heads on a few issues regarding the damage), my parents stopped by and dropped off our other computer (it's fixed again), then we were off to my sister's.  Gramps stayed with Thad and waited for my soon to be BIL to get home while mom, sis, and I went wedding dress shopping (my hubs was working).  Three dress shops later, I think we finally found the.dress!  YAY!

I think she's gonna go for the first one.  Mom is pushing for the second one.  I know it's hard to see, but the second one is fully covered in beads, etc. on the top and the first one is mostly covered, but has some different patterns to it - mom likes the classic look of #2 better.  Me - I think she liked the first one better, but it's not my wedding and I'm not gonna tell her what to pick.  However, she did light up like crazy with the 1st one.  I'll keep you posted on what she chooses.

After dress shopping, we got to stuff our bellys at Olive Garden (hello, Zuppa Toscano....oh how I love you). Thad and I got home about 5 minutes before the hubs did, so he got to give lil man some kisses and hugs before bed and before he went off to his fantasy football draft.  

Me, I'm just chilling....and sniffling.

How'd you kick off your holiday weekend?

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  1. okay, so cool you get to go dress shopping with your sis! so, so much fun. i miss those days!


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