I'm in love...with my pants...


So I'm in love.  Seriously.  It has been months (ok, maybe even 19 months or so) since I really loved how I looked in a pair of pants.  As all you new mamas know, pregnancy can leave you looking, well....a bit soft in some areas.  

After an extreme weight gain and now some major weight loss (65 lbs. baby!) I am seriously lacking in the wardrobe department. I have clothes in a wide variety of sizes.  A couple years ago I was seriously skinny, I'm talking size 4 and size 6 pants (hello, awesome).   

:: Allow me to illustrate.::
Size 4/6 Skinny Me -- Lol, ignore the outfit, it was Homecoming week at the high school I work at.

Then I got married.  Still pretty skinny.  138 lbs. on my wedding day. Size 8.

Then....I got pregnant.  And blew up like a beach whale.

Do you see these feet?  Horrible.

Ignore the dirty mirror.  Lol!

The Tuesday before Thad was born (he was born c-section on Friday) I weighed in at 222 lbs.


Now, I'm down to 157.  I still have 17 more to go, but more than that, I really need to firm up some jiggly parts.  However, I still can't fit into more than 2 pairs of my pre-pregnancy work pants and hardly any shirts.  After struggling the last few weeks with some major saggy pants (I'm talking I had to hold them if I walked more than 10 feet...lol), I finally gave it and hit the stores.  First, I went to Target.  Sadly, I wasn't thrilled with what I found in their "work" department.  Some of it was cute, but a lot of it just didn't fit right.  Now some of the casual tops, totally loved.

Then I hit Maurices.  I have been a faithful Maurices shopper for years.  Why?  If you know what size you wear you can grab almost anything.  That and their clothes aren't horribly expensive and you can usually hit a sale.  So, after my depressing trip to Target, I finally scored at Maurices. 

I found the.greatest.pants.  These are their new "higher waisted" pants and they're marketing them as "the pants you don't have to worry about showing your butt at work wearing."  Well, I agree.  I also agree that the higher waisted pants are more flattering than any low-rise pants I have worn in a long time.  

Trust me. These pants are hiding a multitude of sins.  You should see me naked.

I'm in love.

The only problem.  They only come in black.

*Insane for me and my body type.  In no way is this post meant to be-little anyone or make anyone uncomfortable.  


  1. I know what you mean about ballooning up. I was 207 when I had Jake. I was overweight when I got pregnant though. I was 178 before getting pregnant then after jake I was 182. I'm now down to 151 and still have more to go.

    Good for you with the weight loss. It's a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself.
    Oh and I love those pants.

  2. Niiiiice! The pants do look amazing on you, and congrats on your weight loss! :)

  3. My dear, you look FANTASTIC! Awesome job on the weight loss & kudos to you for starting a new program. My side aches at the thought of running lol Keep up the great work!

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