Day 1: C25K


Ok, I did it.  I completed Day 1 of the C25K (Couch to 5K) program.  In all honesty, it wasn't too bad (minus the 100% humidity and the jiggling stomach...ugh).  And really, it shouldn't have been too bad, it was only 20 minutes.  However, I realized that I definately need to go buy a couple of pairs of shorts to run in.  The ones I had on today kept falling off (not good while running) and the ones I tried on before I left were way.too.tight.  Either way, I need new pants.  I got these shoes a couple weeks ago, but have yet to use them.  It's been raining here like crazy lately so I didn't feel like ruining them my first day out.  
Nike Women's Reax Run 5 Shoe

My summer goal: lose these last 17 lbs. by Thad's first birthday (Aug. 6).  

That means I'm looking at losing 2 pounds a week.  Lord, I hope I can do it.  Hopefully by putting this out here in bloggerland it'll make me more accountable.  I'm planning on tackling this C25K program and/or getting out and walking/running/something at least 3 days a week.  Now, I need to focus on my diet.  I need ideas -- how do you track what you're eating?  Do you track your daily calories?  What's a typical day of eating look like for you (breakfast, lunch, dinner)?  I want this to be a lifestyle change, not some crash diet just to say I've lost the weight.  So....any thoughts?

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  1. aaaahhh, I LOVE the C25K program! I was up to week four when I sprained my ankle. :( Unfortunately I've been out since then.I'm in the same boat as you, trying to make good lifestyle changes. Don't have any good tips with food, except we've been having kettle corn popcorn at night as a snack, and it keeps me from eating the rest of the house, and still feels like a nice treat.
    Do you have an app for the C25K? I used something for my iphone which i loved, a voice would cut through my music to tell me when to start, stop, cool down, etc. I think it was called get running. Anyway, good luck!

  2. I love 30 pounds by tracking what I eat on I tracked every bite I took. It helped me so much and not only is it free they also have an app for your phone. You can also track your weight and exercise. I highly recommend this site.

  3. Thanks ladies! Amanda - I do have an app on my phone. Right now I'm using the free C25K Lite app and it hasn't been too bad. And Kim, that's awesome, I'm gonna check that out. Thanks!


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