We have a roller!


Ok, maybe just a handful of times, but the point is, he did it!  Last week was the very first time he ever rolled from back to front....and the only time, lol.  He just isn't overly interested rolling daily, but every now and then he gets excited and decides to do it.  Talk about crazy.  I set him on the floor so I could clean up his mess from dinner and I came back in and he was on his tummy!  I guess it won't be long now, better start the baby proofing!

p.s. Please ignore my awesome commentary. ;)


  1. Awesome! Growing so fast :)
    Alexis has been rolling for maybe a month now, but only from back to front and then she gets mad when she can't get back to her back because she hates being on her stomach haha.

  2. Lol!

    He doesn't really mind his tummy, he did for awhile, but he's getting better at it. He used to roll from front to back and then he decided everything else around him was more interesting and he quit doing it. ;) Oh well. I hope you guys are all feeling better!


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