So...I don't really want to start 2011 this way, but


my husband's new job sucks.  It's not the hours (meaning nights), it's not the pay (it could be better - a lot - but I understand the chain of command), it's the people - mainly the people in charge.  They do not communicate well.  Since he started this job, the powers that be have never had the work schedule completed and posted until the work week starts.  Meaning, that since their work week starts on Wednesday, he literally has to call into work every Wednesday to find out if he works that night and what his schedule is.  Really?  Is it that hard to make a schedule out in advance so that people can plan their lives? 

The hubs has class until 5:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays - when he was hired, he said told them that Monday and Wednesday probably wouldn't work for him since he wouldn't be out of class until 5, if they got out at time, then he'd have to run home change clothes, eat (ya, right), and be to work.  They said, no problem (even though this is a restaurant and the dinner rush starts at 5).  Every week he has been scheduled to work Monday or Wednesday or both.  They told him to get there as soon as he could and that they'd remember to change it the next time.  Nope, never changed.

Then comes the kicker, he was hired as full-time.  Last week he worked 25 hours. Yep, 25 hours.  That's not full-time, that's hardly even part-time.  With his unemployment gone from a previous year and half laid off, we'll take what we can get, but really?  He is not the random guy off the street that is looking for a job just to make a little cash and get a fix (this happens in our town...sad, I know) - he is working to provide for his family.   Show some consideration.  Post the schedule in advance, I don't care if it's only three days in advance, but do it.  If a person is hired for full-time hours, give them the hours.  Don't jerk people around. 

Needless to say, the hubs is going to talk to the scheduling manager.  If they're not willing to work it out and give him the hours he was hired for, he'll be looking elsewhere on his nights off. 

Sorry to be such a downer, but I'm just a little frustrated (and it's not even my job).

On a more positive note, I've decided that my New Year's Resolution will be to remain positive and optimistic.  =)  Lol, starting now.

What was your resolution? Did you make one?


  1. Hello! I'm here to let you know that I have an award for you on my blog! Grandma’s Guide to Life -- -- Carli

  2. Beautiful Blog

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  3. ugh, sorry to hear about the job...that really sucks!

    On a positive note, I love your blog, and I'm a new follower/blog hopper!


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