A Day of Productivity


I started off the day determined to bake a couple batches of cookies - both of which I've never made before.  One recipe I got from a cookbook that was given to us for our wedding and the other I got from a student of mine this last spring.  The recipes will be posted shortly (see From the Kitchen).


Next I decided to hit up Hobby Lobby.  Their picture frames were 50% off this week and since I finished painting the pictures for the boy's room last night I decided to head out and see what I could find.  I found three great frames, originally 19.99 each - 50% - an additional 10% for some scratches (very small, but the frames weren't protected in plastic) = 7.99 a frame.  Awesome!  Don't even hesitate to ask for a discount if something isn't in mint condition.  The scratches were very minor and can be filled in with a Sharpie, so they were well worth it.  Once I get the pictures hung I'll post some pictures. 

Oh and while I was Hobby Lobby I picked up some rings so that I could finally finish this piece of jewelry I started awhile back. A friend of mine got me interested in jewelry making a few years ago, but we never had a chance to take a class and kind of lost touch.  However, a different friend and I managed to make time late last summer and take a basic bead class.  Since then I've learned a few different styles of jewelry making.  However, I really want to tackle some of the more complex designs and I really want to learn to metal stamp, but for now, this is the most recent piece of jewelry I've made.

Worn as single strand.
Worn as double strand.

Finally came home and did some bills.  The hubs has been great at taking over the bills this last year, but since I'm off for the summer I figured I'd return the favor and do the bills for a few months.  Although, I told him today, he can have the responsibility back after this.  With the new baby and working full time I'll have no interest in sitting down and doing bills.

On another side note, the hubs was accepted into the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program here at the local college.  School begins August 23 and he is sooo excited.  It's amazing to see him truly passionate about something again. After being laid off for so long and having had such a rough year trying school (and not liking his first couple choices of majors) it's awesome to see him so motivated again.  I'm sure it's an ego boost to finally feel like you know where you're going.  So with a new career in the works for him, school, work for me, and the baby we're sure to have an interesting few years.  Wish us luck!

Getting Crafty


So awhile back I decided to try my hand at drawing some pictures for the boy's room.  I drew these out one night based on the bedding we decided to get for him.  I didn't think they were that great, so I put them away.  Well while the hubs was out with a few buddies tonight I decided to paint them.  I think they turned out great so I'm excited to find some frames for them and get them hung up!

My inspiration.

The masterpieces!

39 Weeks

(ignore the flat saggy butt of my pants..lol, I wore them all day and took the pic at night)

(Oh and did you notice the little helper in the corner...lol, he was determined to stand in the picture.)

How far along? 39 Weeks

How big is baby? Approximately 8 lbs. 10 oz.

Weight gain?  Up 58 lbs total. Ugh. (And in reality, add 20 to that. Let's not lie.)

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  

Stretchmarks?  Sadly, yes.  And they just.keep.coming.  Oh and now my stomach itches - like crazy!!!

Sleep?  Ha.  What sleep.  It's a joke.  Sore hips, legs, pubic bone, etc.  I give up.

Best moment this week?  Knowing that next week is my due date.  

Movement?  Yes, but he doesn't have much room in there.

Food cravings?  Cherry Limeade Chillers from Sonic.  Love this!

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs?  More contractions.  Sharp pokes to my cervix.  No progress according to the dr on Tuesday.  Hoping for progress at the next one!

Belly button in or out?  Almost all the way out...just not.quite.there.

What I miss?  Moscato wine from Olive Garden...went this week with my newly pregnant cousin and I was dying to have a glass.  This will definitely be one of my first drinks after pregnancy.

What I am looking forward to?  Meeting this little guy!

Weekly wisdom?  Shave carefully!

Milestones?  1 Week Left!!!

39 Week Belly Pic


*Just to note, I added a majority of these belly pics in during the summer of 2012 (so I'd have a record and comparison for baby #2).  The later posts will have weekly updates, but the early photos will not.  I didn't start blogging until later in my pregnancy the first time around.

No Progress! Ugh!


As of Tuesday (38w5d), I have made 0 progress since the last appointment!  0!  How frustrating.  We'll be back at the doctor's on Tuesday again for another growth ultrasound and ob check.  If we're still not progressing, we won't be favorable for an induction and we'll have to do a c-section.  However, if we have progress, we'll be able to schedule an induction (but the risk of having a c-section with induction is still high).  Who knows at this point?  I am super ready for him to be here and almost to the point of being frustrated.  I know that technically I'm not due until next Thursday, but I'm ready.  According to the doctor, we were told to have lots of sex, this may help to jumpstart labor.  Yep, the doctor's orders.  She said the semen will help soften the cervix.  Well we're going on day four of that prescription and still no baby.  We even threw in some hot wings yesterday and while I did have some contractions, nothing big or strong...boo.

On another note, the hub's family is flying in (his mom and one of his sisters) from Idaho and I am stressing about having the house clean and things ready for guests.  Not only will they be staying with us, but my parents will be down here as well.  They don't mind not staying here (or so they say) and will probably be staying at my sister's or my aunt's.  All of this (the company) combined with having a new baby is stressing me out.  I just don't want family drama.  Not that it should be an issue, but you know how grandmas can be.  Especially since this is my mom's first grandbaby.  I'm just a little concerned that two strong-willed and stubborn grandmas could make for an interesting time (and not in a good way, but a made for reality tv way). Oh Lord, grant me the serenity!

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38 Weeks


How far along? 38 Weeks

How big is baby? As of Tuesday (37w5d) he was measuring at 8 lbs. 10 oz.

Weight gain?  Up 56 lbs total.

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  

Stretchmarks?  Sadly, yes.  And they just.keep.coming.

Sleep?  Sometimes I can get a little in bed (with a pee break every hour) and then sometimes I sleep in the chair (again with pee breaks).  Once in a great while I might fall asleep sitting up on the couch and get a short nap in before I have to pee again.

Best moment this week?  Deciding on a name!

Movement?  Yes, but he doesn't have much room in there.

Food cravings?  Not really hungry so much, but thirsty!  And if I am hungry, it's for Chinese food or chocolate!

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs?  More contractions.  Some of them are time-able, but still not the real thing.  I'm really getting anxious and exciting to meet this little guy!

Belly button in or out?  Semi in and semi out...weird.

What I miss?  Being able to function without having to stop all the time or be in pain.

What I am looking forward to?  Meeting this little guy!

Weekly wisdom?  My yoga ball rocks!  It helps relieve so much of that pelvic pressure.

Milestones?  2 weeks left!

38 Week Belly Pic


*Just to note, I added a majority of these belly pics in during the summer of 2012 (so I'd have a record and comparison for baby #2).  The later posts will have weekly updates, but the early photos will not.  I didn't start blogging until later in my pregnancy the first time around.

We have a name!!!

But it's a secret!  Shhh...you'll find out soon!  Just thought I'd share since I can't contain my excitement.  Sorry for the teaser. =)

And the wait begins...


So we went in today for our "38 Week" (37w5d) appointment.  We had another growth ultrasound to see how big the boy is getting.  We're now estimated to be at 8 lbs. 10 oz.  He is losing the vernix from his skin, they could see it floating around in the fluid.  I am still 1 cm. dilated and the dr. said that she wouldn't have called me 50% effaced last week (her PA saw me last week), but she'd put me at maybe 30% effaced.  So that sucks.

I have been having lots of pain in my hips, tailbone, sciatic nerve, and now today my butt, yep my butt. I have no idea why, but it sucks.  I also haven't felt great that last two days, not sure what it is.  Also, my lower abdomen is extremely sore.  It almost feels likes it tight every time I stand up.  I did have my first Braxton Hicks in the last couple of days, what a weird feeling that is!  Maybe I'm sore from those?  Not sure.

Anyway, we're going on a week by week basis right now.  If the boy hasn't arrived by 40 weeks we'll talk induction and c-section.  She said if I go to 40 weeks we'll do another ultrasound to see how big he is and then discussion the possible induction or c-section.  At the point, my gut instinct tells me that if we get to 40 weeks, he's only going to be bigger and the risk of having a c-section after induction is higher so I'll probably just opt for c-section.  Who knows?  We'll see.

Let the waiting begin...

Dog Hair!!!


THIS is what I have been dealing with the last couple of weeks!  We have two dogs, a husky malamute (the guilty party here) and a shih tzu.  Well Lily (shih-tzu) just got a hair cut so we're good on that front, but Dante (husky malamute) doesn't get cut, but rather he sheds.  It's been extremely hot and humid lately which causes him to shed even worse.  I am soooo sick of vacuuming dog hair every other day.  Obviously we have hardwood floors, but because of the amount of hair he loses we literally vacuum our hardwood.  I know this is one of the worst shedding seasons he's had and it's just that time of year, but really?  Come on.  I'm trying to get the house clean for the baby and I'm constantly vacuuming hair.  On a positive note, maybe all the vacuuming will put me into labor and we'll get to meet our little boy soon!  Lol, wishful thinking...

37 Weeks (posted late)


How far along? 37 Weeks

How big is baby? Big.  He is running out of room and the movements are sometimes extremely uncomfortable.   

Weight gain?  Still up 55 lbs. 75 lbs.  No weight gain this week (thank the Lord).

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  

Stretchmarks?  Sadly, yes.  And they just.keep.coming.

Sleep?  Doesn't really happen.  I'm up every hour to hour and a half to pee.  When I get up out of bed it takes an insane amount of effort and then the moment I stand up gravity takes over and my pelvic bone feels like it's being weighted down.  All this on top of the fact that my sciatic nerve pain is so horrible that I can barely walk.  Oh and I'm constantly waking up to roll over because my legs feel as if they're going numb.  I want to sleep like a normal person!

Best moment this week?  No weight gain. ;)  Lol, no really that was nice, but just getting things done around the house has been great.  The hubs scoured the bathroom for me this week and washed ceiling fans...oh and installed the car seat bases and the car seat is now ready and waiting in his car should we need it.  

Movement?  Yes, but he doesn't have much room in there.

Food cravings?  Not really hungry so much, but thirsty!

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs?  As of the appointment Tuesday, we were 50% effaced, maybe 1 cm, -2 station.  I guess you could call this progress.  I just don't feel like he's going to be here any time soon.  I still think he's going to be late, unless we're talked into a c-section prior.  That'll be decided after the appointment Tuesday when we see how big he is again.

Belly button in or out?  Semi in and semi out...weird.

What I miss?  Being able to function without having to stop all the time or be in pain.

What I am looking forward to?  Settling on a name.  We literally want to scratch our entire list at this point.  I'm a scared this kid is never going to have a name.  The hubs and I have totally different styles when it comes to names.  Ugh.

Weekly wisdom?  Enjoy the helpful hubby now...I'm not sure how long this will last...lol, my hubs has been great!!!

Milestones?  Full term!

Plastic Sheets and a Trip to L&D


So the hubs is convinced that my water will break during the night, in bed, so after washing the bedding this week he decided that we needed to protect the mattress before making the bed again.  His solution: a plastic paint sheet (new) under our sheets.  Nope, not kidding.  The proof is in the picture.  (Sorry if it's a little blurry, it was taken on my Blackberry.)

In other news (warning: may be TMI for some), last night the hubs and I made a trip to labor and delivery.  Why?  I had no clue if my water had broke.  Now I know it's been insanely hot and humid here, but for some reason yesterday my underwear and pantyliner were just plain "wet".  I never felt any gushes, but at 9-9:30 last night I felt so "wet" that I literally changed my pants and underwear.  Concerned that my water may have broken and not wanting to risk infection I called the dr.  (I was not having contractions...I haven't had any during this pregnancy and still haven't.)  Of course I was told to come in and get looked at.

So last night at 11:30 we threw together the rest of our hospital bag, which was pretty much every thing we needed since the only thing I had thrown in at this point was a couple t-shirts and comfy capris (this will now be packed tomorrow after this incident).  We hit the road by midnight and what do you know?  We got stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate at 12:30.  I kid you not.  12:30am on a Thursday night (ok, I guess Friday morning) and we are stuck in traffic due to construction.  It was nuts, but thankfully was only a ten minute delay.  (I'm very thankful I wasn't in actual labor or I would have been freaking out!)

We get to the hospital and get checked in.  They do a pH test and low and behold, the paper turns blue/purple (this would indicate my water has broken).  The hubs and I are in shock.  I'm still not contracting and we didn't truly think "it was time."  They then decide to make sure and do an internal pH test (dry glove, exam, pH testing on glove).  This time, it was negative.  No color change.  We're told my water hasn't broken  and doesn't appear to be leaking.  The following conversation then takes place between the hubs and the nurse:

Hubs:  So it's possible to get a false positive?

Nurse:  Yep.

Hubs:  What can cause the false positive?

Nurse:  Urine.

Yep, that's right folks.  According to the nurse (and supposedly it happens a lot - or maybe the nurse was just trying to make me feel better) the baby bounced on my bladder and made me pee.  Yep, pee.  I ended up with wet undies, pantyliner, and a trip to L&D all because the baby made me pee myself.  Needless to say, I was extremely embarrassed.  Now in my defense, my undies didn't smell like urine and the color was clear....I had no idea what is was.  I never felt myself pee, but the baby was extremely active on my cervix/bladder yesterday.  Oh well, lesson learned.

37 Week Belly Pic


*Just to note, I added a majority of these belly pics in during the summer of 2012 (so I'd have a record and comparison for baby #2).  The later posts will have weekly updates, but the early photos will not.  I didn't start blogging until later in my pregnancy the first time around.

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OB Update!

According to today's appointment, baby is really low (she could feel his head during the exam - weird!!!), approximately -2 station, thinning out (about 50% effaced), and maybe 1 cm. dilated (I'm pretty sure she just said 1 cm so I wouldn't feel disappointed...lol).  Still no contractions though.  I personally think the little guy is pretty comfy and won't be leaving any time soon.  Guess we'll see...

Sciatic Nerve Oh How I Hate You


For the last three days my sciatic nerve has been acting up.  I'm guessing the little guy dropped mid-week and is now hanging out on said nerve.  However, I could really do without the pain.  It is killing me!  The hubs and I finally managed to get to church this morning and the up and down was uncomfortable, but the walking (even just to and from the car) is worse.  I feel so helpless.  There are things I want to do around the house, but with this pain in my hip/butt/leg it's almost a joke - I wonder how much I can get the hubby to do???

36 Weeks


How far along? 36 Weeks

How big is baby? As of Wednesday (35w6d) baby boy was measuring at 7 lbs. 13 oz.!  

Weight gain?  Up 55 lbs. total according the dr's scale.  However, I like to think the weight gain this time was from all that water I drank before the ultrasound...hey, I can hope right?

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  Sadly I feel like my capris are getting tight (then again, they weren't tight until I washed them...maybe I need to stretch them out).  

Stretchmarks?  Ugh, yes.  I found more on my legs (behind the knees) and tops of my thighs.  My stomach is also starting to feel so tight I know it's just a matter of time before they rip all over my stomach...not.thrilled.  

Sleep?   Is a joke.  My pubic bone, tail bone, and sciatic nerve make it soooo uncomfortable to lay on one side for very long and then when I wake up to roll over I have to pee.  I'm pretty sure this boy has dropped because I constantly feel like I have to pee when I stand up.

Best moment this week?  Getting the travel system...and....the surprise bassinet my parents bought us as well! (see photos below) Oh and seeing the baby boy again on the ultrasound - I can't believe I'll have an "outside" baby soon!!!

Movement?  Yes, but he doesn't have much room in there.

Food cravings?  No cravings really...maybe you could count pretzel M&M's...other than that, I'm not super hungry.  Thirsty yes, hungry no.

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs?  None - the dr checked for progress on Wednesday and we are not dilated at all and the cervix isn't even soft.  Guess this baby boy wants to hang out awhile...

Belly button in or out?  Semi in and semi out...weird.

What I miss?  Being able to walk around without pain.

What I am looking forward to?  Picking out a name.  We have some ideas, but nothing in stone.  We sent out a list to our immediate family for input, we'll see what they say...they had 25 names to choose from.

Weekly wisdom?  Enjoy the helpful hubby now...I'm not sure how long this will last...lol, my hubs has been great!!!

Milestones?  I am now 9 months pregnant!!!

36 Week Belly Pic


*Just to note, I added a majority of these belly pics in during the summer of 2012 (so I'd have a record and comparison for baby #2).  The later posts will have weekly updates, but the early photos will not.  I didn't start blogging until later in my pregnancy the first time around.

Big Boy!

Today was the start of our weekly check ups.  We were scheduled for a growth ultrasound to check his size, internal, and GBS test.  The GBS test wasn't bad, the internal was much better than I had anticipated (I was thinking major pain), and the ultrasound was a bit of a shocker.  According to the ultrasound, baby boy is measuring 7 lbs. 13 oz. (I am currently 35w6d)!  Now if he gains between a half a pound to a pound a week he'll be any where from 9-11 lbs. at the time of delivery (EDD Aug. 5) - yes, a big baby.  Since he's been measuring big the whole time it didn't come as much to surprise, but I truly wasn't anticipating almost 8 lbs. already - no wonder my pubic bone and tail bone are killing me!  She's just a little concerned about how big he might get so we'll check again at 38 weeks with another ultrasound - this is after she says if I haven't had him by then...lol, right.  I have to laugh because she checked me today for progress and (drum roll please) we have NONE!  Not dilated at all, cervix isn't soft - nothing, nada.  So if we continue at this rate of growth and have no progress she says we'll talk about some different options (aka c-section).  However, she did say that if I'm wanting to try to deliver vaginally (with a large baby) she will absolutely not induce me until she has too (meaning 41+ weeks).  She says that she sees more complications from inducing large babies than if they come on their own.  At least she's honest.

Disclaimer: I know that growth ultrasounds are not 100% accurate and that they can be off from a pound to two pounds...still crazy to think I could have an 8 lb. baby in there right now!

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35 Weeks and Progression


A high school friend of mine asked me to post some pics since she just announced her pregnancy.  I've posted a couple difference progression pics on facebook, but that was before I started blogging.  Anyway, this week's pic is going to be in a progression (Oh and yes, I just realized that I was wearing the same outfit last week when I took a pic as I was last night...I need to watch this...it makes me look like I don't bathe or wash my clothes!)

How far along? 35 Weeks

How big is baby? According to BabyCenter --  Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that he's over 18 inches long and tips the scales at 5 1/4 pounds (pick up a honeydew melon). Because it's so snug in your womb, he isn't likely to be doing somersaults anymore, but the number of times he kicks should remain about the same. His kidneys are fully developed now, and his liver can process some waste products. Most of his basic physical development is now complete — he'll spend the next few weeks putting on weight.

Weight gain? See the last weekly post (up 49 lbs).  I don't weigh myself everyday or I'd go nuts (or be severely depressed).  The next weight update will be after the drs appointment next week.

Maternity clothes?  Yep.  I bought a new dress from Target on Tuesday - it was on sale and I couldn't pass it up.  (If I get a chance I'll post a pic, I was going to link to it, but they don't have the dress on their site anymore.) 

Stretchmarks?  Let's not talk about them.  

Sleep?   A little better.  However, I've found that rolling over and getting out of bed to pee is getting harder and harder every night.  I just feel so awkward!

Best moment this week?  The hubs put together the pack and play and my parents are ordering our travel system today!  

Movement?  Yes, but sometimes it's almost painful.  The poor little guy hardly has any room anymore.  

Food cravings?  Mmmm...I don't know if I really have any cravings this week.  It's been so hot, I haven't been super hungry.  I can say I'm enjoying Snicker's Ice Cream Bars and I'd love to hit the local BBQ joint for dinner.  Other than that, I still want candy, but I'm trying not to eat it - I think we're going on two or three weeks without!

Gender? Boy!

Labor signs?  None, zip, zilch.  

Belly button in or out?  Still trying to pop out - you can now see it working it's way out through a couple of my shirts.  Weird...

What I miss?  Being able to roll over in bed, getting up off the couch without it feeling like it takes a massive effort to do so, being tan, clear skin, my pre-pregnancy weight (meaning my weight on my wedding day, not my weight after I quit the pill), non-achy joints (tailbone and pubic bone), oh and being able to wipe - this is becoming quite awkward!

What I am looking forward to?  Picking out a name.  We have some ideas, but nothing in stone (we're starting to panic).

Weekly wisdom?  Stay hydrated and sleep when you can.  I may not be able to sleep all night, but some days I'm actually tired enough to catch a cat nap for an hour or so in afternoon.  At this point, I'll take what I can get.  

Milestones? 35/35!  Wow, that means in two weeks I'll be full term (and baby boy could arrive any time).  Wow, I really need to get the last minute things done - oh and pack a hospital bag!  This is nuts!!!

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