My baby is on drugs. {repost}


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My Baby is on Drugs from Tales of the Wife

There are many traps that can lead to this. It's a very sad situation which only means many a sleepless night for mom.

I'll just jump in with some of the drugs my babies have become addicted to...

CRACK (aka white noise)
JUICE (aka breastmilk/nursing)
SPEED (aka the rocking chair)
DOPE (aka the TV)
RIDING THE WHITE PONY (aka baby swing)

Poot was addicted to the JUICE something fierce. He nursed all night long until he was 16 months when he spontaneously self weaned. I was in my second trimester with Bug. Let me tell you that was hell. I was not waiting around for that to happen this time. But Bug still fell victim to the baby drugs.  

Our latest problem... SPEED. Poor Bug is addicted to being rocked to sleep. Thank my lucky stars I came up with a 12 step program... or maybe just one step for now.

He was waking every single hour, and I needed some semblance of sleep. You don't really get to your REM cycles if you're waking every 45-60 min. You CAN. I just wasn't.

Anyway, one night three weeks ago I decided to change things. Instead of totally rocking him to sleep at bedtime I rocked him for just a couple minutes then laid him down in his crib.

I couldn't just leave because he'd cry. I can't just let him cry. Breaks my heart.

Instead I stood over him and patted his back. OMG! He's on his belly?!?! Yes! He's 8 months old. He's a-okay.

I patted his back for at least 30 minutes until he fell asleep. And we do that pretty much every night at bedtime now.

When he wakes one of us goes in and pats him back down. I do feed him around 12 and 3 if he wakes somewhere near those times or if he otherwise seems hungry.

Over the past 3 weeks he's been stretching time between wakings. One night he even slept through - 8:30 p.m. until 6:15 a.m.! 

The only problem now is weaning him off the SMACK (aka patting his back). 

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